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Halfway to Everywhere


Unannounced, shattering Calm, breaking Wholeness, 

unwelcome Encounter tumbles me, thoughts laced by fear. 

Where is home? Will I smile and laugh again?

Quietly, still unknown, unwelcome, Encounter leaves me. 

Halfway to Everywhere. 

Resurfacing, restructuring, reaching for friends and family, 

setting sun frames prairie views, leaving breath calm

with nights of warmth around the family table. 

Second wind, moon-constant with wax and wane

sharpens senses, reveals dreams, eases loss,

blends old with new life. 

I lean into Nature's Force.

Rising sun cradles new born dreams as willing feet

chart unknown territory, map path of reality. 

Prairie breeze free, wrapped within my second wind, 

Halfway to Everywhere.

"Those were the days" 

Carolyn Helget


The prairie surrounds my Halfway to Everywhere on a South Dakota ranch. Incredible sunsets, so infinitely varied, continue comfort and support. Seen or not, each day ends with sunset and every morning awakens with sunrise. That rhythm, along with the pulse of each season provides its own heartbeat, allowing mine to join.


Authorship continues to grow with the warm welcome of the Bearlodge Writers to their table. Gentle instruction of my writing provides inspiration, clarifying comments add needed direction. I sense my dream as growing reality. Truly this is my second wind. My heart smiles.


Current projects include a children’s story of a little four year old dragon boy, Lenny, whose life turns upside down when his mother dies. Miss Callie comes into his life, helping Lenny cope with his grief, expressed and unexpressed. My plan is a second book when Lenny reaches third grade and his father remarries. Lenny feels his mother is being replaced and his little step sister is intolerable. The possibility of a third book with Lenny as a sixth grader is in my dream stage.

Another story underway involves the able assistance of a Spirit from the Other Side. She peers over my shoulder while I work, with ideas and questions. In so doing, she becomes a familiar voice, a breeze to tomorrow.


My Second Wind flourishes as Bearlodge Writers and the prairie strengthen my wings,

Halfway to Everywhere. May we all be so blessed.

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