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Kathleen Smith

Kathleen Smith was born on the Little Laramie River in Southeast, Wyoming. Today she cares for ranch lands in northern Campbell County, Wyoming. Her love for rivers, cow pastures, and old buildings was shaped by generations of family before her. She follows her legacy, writing about the reality of ranch life in the heart of the American West.

After Life Moves On

A tree stands alone

by a cracked foundation

nestled into brome grasses.

Once a sapling, grown from  

shed-roof rainwater,

now mature, leaves shade broken boards.

Wild roses and lavender lilacs flourish

by flat rocks laid for stepping stones.

All remnants of a good life on this hillside.


The windmill spins and creaks

in the breeze, stick broke,

no water pumps for the house.

Willows cover water ditches

once running to fields.

Canada thistle blooms, then dries,

next year’s seed left behind.

Wire on leaning fence lines

no longer tightened

by a rancher’s love for his place.

Kathleen Smith


Labyrinth, WyoPoets, “Box Equal Barn” juried by A. Rose Hill, April 2016


Weather Watch, WyoPoets, “Winter Feed” juried by Barbara M. Smith, April 2015


The High Plains Register, “Prairie Pasture” Laramie County Community College Literary Journal, Kristin Abraham, Editor, 2014


Awards & Recognition:

WyoPoets Workshop Facilitator, “Award for Excellence” April 2016


Wyoming Arts Council Poetry Fellowship Finalist, 2015


Writers Digest Online Article on Writing Groups featuring Bearlodge Writers, July 2014


Wyoming Writers, Inc., Emmie Mygatt Award for Outstanding Service, June 2013

Kathleen Smith Professional Achievements:
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