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Governor Mead Appoints Patricia Frolander as Poet Laureate of Wyoming


CHEYENNE, Wyo. –  Governor Matt Mead signed an Executive Order today naming Patricia Frolander as Poet Laureate of Wyoming. Frolander is Wyoming’s fifth Poet Laureate and is a rancher from Wyoming’s Black Hills.

At the signing ceremony today, Governor Mead noted that Frolander has won several awards for her work and been published in anthologies, literary reviews, magazines and newspapers. Governor Mead complimented Frolander for her book of poetry titled, Married Into It. “It’s great work and it resonates with me and should resonate with all of Wyoming because it speaks about Wyoming and speaks about our people.”

The Poet Laureate of Wyoming position is an honorary title and Frolander will serve without compensation. She can submit writings for occasions of her choice. Today, Frolander came to the Capitol with a group of fellow writers. She said receiving this distinction was a great honor. “It’s a privilege and I am excited to serve the State of Wyoming. I not only want to further poetry, but literature in general. I think this is a wonderful opportunity and I would like to thank everyone who accompanied me and all of those poets in Wyoming whom I dearly love.”

Governor Mead also expressed thanks to the Wyoming Arts Council and its board for the help in selecting a Poet Laureate.

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