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2017 Gaydell Collier Memorial Scholarships Awarded

Bearlodge Writers of Sundance, Wyoming, have awarded two scholarships for the Wyoming Writers Conference being held June 1-3, 2017, in Gillette, Wyoming. The lucky recipients areCorinna German of Laurel, Montana, and Andrew Call of Farson, Wyoming.

German wrote that attending the Wyoming Writers’ conference would allow her to take her writing a step further, provide opportunity for her to meet other writers, and attend workshops that will make her writing even better. “I would walk away with friendships, mentors, advice, and a confirmed resolve to keep writing.” German is grateful for the opportunity to attend the WW, Inc. conference, and considers it an honor to have been selected by Bearlodge Writers as a recipient of the Gaydell Collier Memorial Scholarship.”

Bearlodge Writers also believed enough in Call to help him return to the Wyoming Writers conference this year. He wrote in his application: Attending as a scholarship recipient would provide me the funds needed to rejoin familiar faces, regale new friends with my failures and ambitions, and connect with fresh inspiration. “It’s motivation in a bottle strong enough for Hemingway and social enough for Fitzgerald, and I hunger for another hit like a sober Hunter S. Thompson. I was fortunate to attend last year because the conference was in my backyard, but this year’s conference mocks my budget while still calling me with an unsubtle siren song. ‘You need this. You want this. Your soul begs for a means to make it happen.’”

The Gaydell Collier Memorial Scholarship was established by the Collier family and

Bearlodge Writers to honor the memory of Gaydell Collier, a founding member of both Bearlodge Writers and Wyoming Writers.

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